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None of this has anything to do with your ability to navigate a web site. No. Finally decided to close and make another account which they deactivated as 1 person can have only 1 account as per policy. To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit. Why does it matter that I work in a company with less than 50 employees? UserTesting do not support testers at all, totally confused after spending an hour talking to a company happily with good feedback but UT will obviously issue refunds to keep high-paying clients over protecting testers. I was never able to "qualify" for a test, so I spent significant time and never made any money. I've never gotten more than that! I thought to myself, “Man, they are going to pay you a decent amount of money for 20 minutes of work to review websites? I really like Usertesting and have been a tester since 2017. You are almost never qualify and instead have given them valuable marketing information about yourself for free. They email back an automated message saying this might be why it didn't upload and good luck next time. This is precisely what usability testing is for. Waste of time and ends up in disappointment. Don't you dare do it until you read the shocking complaints about in this Usertesting review. TRASHHHHHHH. The 1 i was accepted for made me download a handful of extensions and apps, then froze on me and I had to decline the test myself to see new ones. It's almost a part time job. Have made $150 in exactly 26 days. Read some UserTesting review articles and explore the other solutions in your list more closely. I took a test on UserTesting yesterday and for some reason it still says in progress on my phone as well as on the website. It's a great way to make some extra spending money. Worth a try, but please keep in mind you may commit a lot of time for free to not get much effort in return. I was so happy but then boom no work, no clients, result? IT'S NOT A SCAM. Does this site pay and how does it pay because it did not say anywhere obvious. It is possible to make $30 an hour through there studies however its important not to treat them as a job as you won't be working 9 hours a day and getting that amount each hour, this isn't that opportunity. UserTesting is simple to use and all you need is a microphone and a computer and/or a smart phone. I supposedly signed up and got the email to 'activate' the Testing extension. 3,000,000 + Tests taken. 146 UserTesting reviews. However, I have found that you end up not meeting the requirements for the majority of tests, so it does require a bit of patience. Having been doing tests on UserTesting since July 2020, I would rate this app a 5/5 and heres why.It can be frustrating when you're constantly completing surveys and get rejected for tests. You May Also Like Userlytics: Get Paid $10 to Review a Website for 20 Minutes. Still, as this was my first day I have filled out the information truthfully just and have been rejected every time. They pay exactly 7 days about you do your test and have always been on time. How to Get Started with UserTesting. However, this past year, that has changed. Is a headset required for or is the microphone on the computer sufficient? Want to get paid to browse the Internet? Service 6 UserTesting provides on-demand usability testing. I was rejected from over 50 surveys within a week. AVOID! They keep putting me off and saying "they'll get to it." It also does not ask you to pay anything to get enrolled as a tester. I haven't used UserTesting a whole lot, only done a few tests. gives you the ability to create a test for your website and then have real people take … There is also a mobile UserTesting app, which you need to install on your smartphone if you want to complete mobile tests. (It's personally the only one I've used so far). UserTesting Review: Technicalities. And all together that was about 3hrs of work. It wasnt long at all as long as you do everything correctly, Yes you get $10 a test with them usually taking 8-15 minutes I recently joined. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I followed the instructions, but apparently it was not up to the teams standards. You need to be quick and have a good internet speed.Also don't try lying, you'll get found out and kicked off the site. One was a $30 live call. Don’t take it from us. UserTesting is a solid opportunity to make some extra cash. and the site seems to be a legitimate way to earn some extra cash. After passing a qualifying test video, I have received an email to complete an account and then I should be able to receive tests.The tests supposedly were coming to the portal, but from the original brief, I should only choose the tests that I qualify for. usertesting 5 star sample review! UserTesting ranks 51st among Survey sites. I guess they pay us 10$ per tests but they are making way more than that. We let you “look over the shoulder” of your target audience while they use your website, so you can see and hear where users get stuck and why they leave. We’re in this together! 1. 7 Usertesting Alternatives That Pay You To Test Websites 6. I don't normally write reviews, but this was very frustrating experience, from technical issues to customer service problems. I'll get a few and then I hear nothing for a while and then this week I've gotten about 4 so far. No expert knowledge of computers required. Furthermore I get a huge amount of spam mails every day as a result of my testing online casino sites for UserTestingClub. No more tests and no response, no explanation. I also took a few lengthy breaks in those years, when I had part time jobs and studies to focus on.What’s important to note is that this took a lot of time and effort. It's awful, zero support for testers, no one is responding to emails. But then I try to report a problem and that doesn't work either so I email them like yo I spent a looong time on this and it won't tell me what is wrong. This will help to match you with future testing opportunities. Create highlight reels & share in favorite collaboration tools. Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. That means screeners populate my Available Test page, I take them to see if I qualify, and if I do I take the survey or test. I can understand why others are leaving bad reviews, but I don't believe the reviewers were honest about the amount of effort they put in for their results. But it didn't go that way. It simply doesn't work. Not a fan for the new update as the old system was much more pleasing to the eyes. I signed up to the Usertesting website in 2017. If you're willing to work and keep your quality high, this job pays! You can set up a test on your own in minutes, or have us do everything for you, from study design to analyzing videos and communicating findings. See what people say about participating! How on earth is that going to effect any feedback I give for a site in development. Being able to review many different sites would have given me the opportunity to see what other people are doing right or wrong. I signed up at the beginning of August 2020, and since then have successfully completed 10 tests. Personally, I was the most excited to learn! However, now they stopped sending questions. Let me say this first, it is not a form of online employment that someone can make a living on. The feedback you receive tells you more than what a user did—it tells you why. How long does it take to hear back from user testing after finishing the sample video? Very hard to get surveys since Covid as I suspect too many new members. After a short time of inactivity they kicked me and all of my earnings are lost. It's a legitimate user testing service. First it took lots of time to find a test I qualified for. If they would have more tests available, the earning potential could be quite good. I am quitting as did a $60 interview recently where the company said my comments were extremely helpful and my work experience was very relevant, (company selling fonts/typeface use to graphic designers). They get as big of a digital finger print from you as possible, by forcing you to use specific browsers, downloading aps., using multiple devices, even asking for access to your LinkedIn profile. How Much Money Can You Make on UserTesting 4. I would like to round of this Usertesting review by saying they are legit and a safe site to use to make money with. I had to write this because I'm reading reviews from people saying that Usertesting is biased against them because they don't make a certain salary, are unemployed, etc. I have been testing with them for years and have never run into an issue with a virus. And I have a 4.9/5 reviewer rating so idk what happened. Customer service is non existant. Run away and don't do this. However the live test pay $30-$60 so youd be missing out. 1 of the customer rated me 3 and my overall rating got under 4 and I stopped receiving tests. 10 Legit Ways To Make Money And Passive Income Online - How To Make Money Online - Duration: 10:56. If you're someone who is constantly on the computer waiting for your dashboard to ping, you should get a fair amount of testing done. If they want it tested by people who speak Swedish (and they will pay quite a bit to get your feedback videos), they should get what they want. I have not tried the mobile testing yet. Why i can't install the program you sent me to complete my application? But when I opened Chrome the user reviews for the extension were 1 star. When I check completed tests I also don't see the test there. What this means is that you'll just be testing out how easy a website or app is to use. First, you'll most likely apply for like 2 tests out of fifty so it takes weeks to get something and sometimes other people will take it right before you can start. It only seems to happen on my phone though. I have 3 outstanding video that have yet to be paid----starting since February of 2020. NO. just wanna ask if user testing contains virus/es, How come i can't sign up for mobile user testing (ios). This happened around 10 times and then I decided on the next task option to choose all of the available radio buttons and see what happens. UserTesting has a consumer rating of 1.94 stars from 99 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. I finally found one, and I thpught I did well. I did wait everyday for one client but nah. $5,000USD. The Ultimate Coronavirus Consumer Resource Guide: Avoid Scams and Shop Smarter, We’re in this together! © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Finally, it looked like I finally made it and was good to go and complete the test...well not exactly...I had to then accept for Google to download an extension which would be able to record my screen, well I followed the steps, but I still could not get to the test. 5 weeks and no payment. Most of the tests on are simple, usability tests. UserTesting has a consumer rating of 2.22 stars from 99 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Are your experiences customer-centric? is rubbish. Waste of time. Absolutely amazing, been a tester since 2018 and love everything about them.Easy side-hustle to bring in an extra $150-200/ month doing something most of us do anyway.They pay out diligently and their customer service have always been forthcoming when it comes to resolving issues. Despite policies stating you will get reimbursed for failed tests due to UserTesting or client error, it's several months later and not one of the several tests have been reimbursed. Their customer service has been good too as if there was a problem with a test they would usually pay me anyways. You just have to be available and spend a little time. Can be frustrating but it's one of the best sites to earn something little on the side, Good opportunity, terrible customer service, Recent problems with customer support/getting paid. Short Review: UserTesting is a reliable company and a platform that has operated already for more than 10 years. It's legit, but horrible customer service, An Okay User-Testing Site (If You're Lucky Enough to Have Good Demographics). The more tests you do (and the more 5 stars reviews you receive) the more tests you’ll be given. However, during a month when I was inactive and would only check for surveys during the end of the say I was only able to rack up $50 a month, which to be honest is still a good amount of money. I just completed another one, with 72 tasks to talk about---test did not upload b/c of problems with their app and we will see how this goes in terms of getting a response from them. Consumers complaining about UserTesting most frequently mention screener questions, customer service and tester support problems. It is not at all a scam. Is this site available for worlwide? But the ones you do qualify for you will get paid for! Conclusion . "Your profile is not a winner this time - Please try again!". Meh this is not for you. It's very difficult to give you a per day earning estimate in these kinds of websites. With the current pandemic (and most of my classes being online), I've been making significantly more as I spend a lot of time on my laptop.The Usertesting team have always been responsive to my queries, and I’ve never missed a payment. As you can see in the photo there is 5 pages full off $10 payouts to me. Does anyone have feedback on this type of testing? Well, a company called User Testing is making this a possibility for anyone with a PC and a microphone. One week i might qualify for 6-7 and the next week 0. Great website, with a bit of patience, and consistent screening applications you will get tests. There can be tests which have 66 tasks and pay only $10, but you can always choose to quit the test if you believe it's not worth it. In this video I do a quick tutorial and review of Never again!! Theres no 2nd chance, so you get just 1 poor rating then you're done. Stay safe with our COVID-19 guide. To give you insight on my experience, during a month when I was constantly checking for tests I was able to get $200. If not then it would be hard for you to get any. Review – How It Works. How safe is the live ones? It’s slow starting out as most things are, but if you have the patience for it you’ll find it’s a fantastic way to make some money. WORST ONLINE EXPERIENCE EVER. 3. You won't gain anything not unless you are from US. I’ve had a wonderful experience on this app. 35,000 + Brands influenced. It’s such a common question that there’s an active Quora thread with an answer wiki of 15 highlighted alternatives. I signed up to get paid and they emailed me a practice test but then it didn't create an account and now I can't use my email to apply again. Sometimes when you have a new website or app, you don’t want to fully launch it until you have fully tested it a… I managed to complete my second test and then recieved a bunch of screeners, the next day I refreshed the page and then nothing! Big mistake. Position of UserTesting in our main categories: I’m in!” Not only was I excited for the additional income but I was excited to learn. Still the best for UX testers imo. Customer assistance not present. They don't seem to use your bio info to screen out tests which aren't relevant so you have to wade through many screeners. Not a scam as some have stated, but does require patience. They have a very straight forward and transparent process for enrollment and work. I think maybe my battery got low but I didn't realize until after. Share. With UserTesting, brands can target their exact customer audience, readily create and execute studies, and engage in 1:1 live conversations to better understand, capture, and spotlight meaningful reactions and responses. Do you want to join to make money testing websites, apps or games? Read this UserTesting review to find it out. We’re in this together! Ignore the reviews claiming it's a scam, it really isn't. I've been doing this for over two years and there are tons of test you don't qualify for. Is UserTesting Legit? As they vary a lot, based on a lot of platforms. Just find a legitimate job and hustle on it. I have never not been paid for my work, unless I was told why my payment was cancelled (It has happened twice and I agreed with the reasoning). I was glad I found a side gig for a little extra money...or so I thought. As other reviews have been saying, you get asked a ton of screener questions in order to qualify to take a test. If you are worried about having your face seen then don't do the live test. cause i come from indonesia. Best-in-class companies rely on UserTesting to gain valuable insights into their products from people like you! A couple of screener questions, no tests so far. What you need to realise is that the surveys which will most likely accept you go quick, sometimes within a minute because they accept everyone too. The more desperate you are to get a gig the more screeners you fill out. Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: I'm beginning to think it's a scam and the "real user testing" is the ", Expecting for work? I've contacted them before and although they did take 1-2 weeks to respond they were very understand and solved the issue. ... UserZoom’s pricing is similar to UserTesting, here’s a UserZoom review that addresses the pricing. How To Get More Tests on UserTesting 5. I got paid for my tests (3$ for the peek test and $10 each for the others, so $23 in total.) I would pause everything and take 20 seconds on a screener and then see if I was available to take the test. LEARN MORE . I sprnt the time doing the practice test and was happy I got accepted. About UserTesting PowerSup 10,242 views. Nope. Time hog. I gave up by then and decided to stop hoping it will work and see the site for what it is. from 49 reviews Review It . Log in to your UserTesting account, or sign up to create an account or to become a tester. However I do easily make over $200 weekly which isn't bad at all. This company does not pay. We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. The task instructions in this recorder will automatically collapse when you move your cursor away, but you can keep the instructions open by checking the “Keep Open” box.

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