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Use the many options in the Limit Your results section to create a focused search. Search CINAHL by typing in words or phrases. See step 2 below for the four most-commonly-used limiting options. The CINAHL Complete advanced search page offers several options for finding evidence-based medicine articles. We searched with our keywords "compassion fatigue." Think about the main topic of your research question, then pull out the main keywords for that topic and enter ONE keyword in each search box. In CINAHL, a wild card is representated by the #symbol.. To use the # wildcard, enter your search terms, adding the # in places where an alternate spelling may contain an extra character.CINAHL finds all citations of the word that appear with or without the extra character.. For example, type colo#r to find all citations containing color or colour. Click the Advanced Search link on the main page, and then scroll down until you see some of the options on the right. CINAHL with Full Text provides full text for the top nursing and allied health literature available and covers a wide range of topics including nursing, biomedicine, ... An easy-to-use interface with basic and advanced search features and searchable cited references; The CINAHL Advanced Search page will allow you to enter multiple keywords to search for articles by topic. The Evidence-Based Practice box will limit your search to Evidence-Based practice articles and journals, as well as certain types of studies. Note the following: Advanced Search lets you choose which field(s) to search in. You can look for keywords in a title, an author's name, a subject heading or many other options versus just anywhere in the article. Type a word or phrase in the search box provided. We searched in the abstract only. Limit your results options include:. Many articles along with past and current research can be found using CINAHL and other health science indexes and databases. Advanced Search also has a vast array of search limits far beyond what's available in Basic Search. CINAHL's Advanced Search helps you to build your search by providing a row for each concept, and also offers more limits options not found on the Basic Search, such as restricting your keywords to the document title, Evidence-Based Practice, Special Interest, and more. 1) Select Full Text only if you need the article right now (i.e. Let's take a a closer look at one of our search results. In this tutorial, you will learn how conduct searches on both the Basic and Advanced search screens as well as how to make the most of the CINAHL Headings. *This video tutorial was created by the video owner and is not specific to CCC, but the content gives you general guidance on the subject. Please contact a librarian if you have questions not covered here. today or by tomorrow). Welcome to EBSCO’s CINAHL Basic and Advanced searching tutorial. We’ll begin by conducting a keyword search from the Basic Search screen with the available Search Its advanced search and limiters allow searches to have some pre-defined criteria such as range of date published, type of publication, and whether or not an article should appear in a peer-reviewed journal. CINAHL Advanced Search by Abstract Example. Sterne Library HUB Desk 205-934-6364 << Previous: Getting Started; … Go to CINAHL Complete and c lick on Advanced Search to see more search options.. CINAHL Advanced Search; CINAHL/MeSH Headings; This tutorial demonstrates how to conduct a basic search using CINAHL Complete. We limited our results to peer reviewed and full text only. In the Advanced Search, you will see 3 search boxes near the top and many options to Limit Your Results further down the page.Review your assignment guidelines and select what you need. CINAHL Advanced Search Tutorial Using the CINAHL/MeSH Headings Feature in EBSCOhost Chat with a Librarian Contact us: Lister Hill Library 2nd Floor 205-934-2231.

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